New Home Learning Menu


Here is a copy of our Home Learning Menu.

We recognise that as children’s first educators – you know your children better than anyone, we value the activities that you do naturally with your children and therefore the purpose of the home learning menu  is to bridge the gap between the children’s home and school experiences. Giving you a chance to support their school learning. This approach to home learning is to be used just as you would use a menu – you choose which activity to do each week. At the bottom there are reminders of regular activities to be done each week.



Fridays = Outdoor education!

Research shows that outdoor learning boosts children’s development – especially confidence. Which is why we have built outdoor learning into the timetable on a Friday. Please send children in suitable clothing as the weather gets colder and perhaps send in a pair of wellies for children to keep in school.

Our Class Purpose

As a class we discussed our purpose. The question “Why do we come to school?” was posed and after a fantastic discussion the children settled on “…to learn and be friends.” Each week we reflect on the previous week and set personal goals with this purpose in mind.